For over 35 years, we've perfected the art of growing and roasting coffee. While we won't divulge our secrets, here's a little How-To guide




We inspect the coffee beans at all stages for color, defects, and quality

Great coffee beans have specific characteristics that we look for and must have in order for the batch to continue on

Check and Repeat

Check and Repeat


The beans are repeatedly inspected during and after the roast

If it doesn't meet our standards, we will remedy it

The Roast Levels

The Roast Levels

Full City Medium Roast

Our standard roast. The bean is roasted passed the first crack, but not enough to draw a lot of the oils to the surface of the bean. This develops the beans to a full flavor point without any bitter tones.

Full City Dark Roast

We take the Full City Roast a small step further on some coffees. The bean is roasted until a lot of the sugars are caramelized, which results in a touch of sweetness. This develops the beans to a strong flavor point. Full bodied, sweet and well rounded.

Espresso Roast

Roasted past the second crack where the color darkens and the oils are developed fully. The beans are dark brown and well oiled. This releases the full flavor of the coffee along with a hint of smokiness. Strong flavors with more robust notes. Sweetness starts to dissipate at this level. Perfect for not only espresso machines, but for all forms of coffee making.

French Roast

Roasted to the pop and sizzle point where the beans are very dark and oily. All of the sugars are burnt off, and the structure of the bean is well toasted. Intense coffee and smoky flavors.

Extra Dark Italian Roast

Not for the faint of heart. Roasted until almost black. This coffee is taken to its limit of roasting while still retaining flavor. Smokiness dominates this very intense roast.