All coffee has acid. It's just a part of the bean. The downside is that digestive problems from acid can be a real life changer.

However, you can still have a high quality coffee flavor with less acid. Here are some easy to follow guides to reduce coffee acid.

No Robusta Beans

Robusta beans have more acid, high caffeine content, and harsher taste.

Many larger companies use cheaper robusta beans to save money.

Use Arabica Beans

San Francisco Bay Coffee uses only Arabica beans. These beans are harder to grow, have a smoother, richer, and sweet taste, and less acid and caffeine.

Choose a Darker Roast

A longer roasted coffee bean will have more acid burned off. Therefore, we highly recommend choosing a coffee blend from our darker roast methods: Espresso, French, and Italian Roast.

For more information about our roast processes, check out our Coffee Roasting page.

Brew Method

Temperature also has an impact on reducing acid levels.

The hot brew method that includes using a French Press or a Chemex can reduce acid if brewed properly. The cold brew method can remove even more acid, but demands more patience.